Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow

Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow 

This period of year is all about Tennis – with the Australian Open as well as other lead-up events grabbing our attention like the world personalities fill our TV screens in the evening.
The gruelling situation along with the remarkable period of time the players spend on the court may result in inevitable injuries. Tennis injuries are not only observed in the elite field, with recreational and sub-elite players too susceptible to injury because of the high speed and size of the racquet, as well as the repetitious nature of the sport. This might result in injuries in areas such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, hip and also spine.

Even though the most known tennis injury is “Tennis Elbow” – the exact incidence for this specific problem right now is relatively low compared to various other injury types.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Pain is the primary symptom of the tennis elbow. The pain linked to tennis elbow may radiate from the outside of your elbow into your forearm and wrist. Ache and weakness may make it hard to:

  • Turn a doorknob
  • Hold a coffee cup
  • Shake hands or hold an item

Tenderness and swelling are other tennis elbow symptoms.

Tennis Elbow Causes

Tennis elbow is an overuse as well as muscle strain injury. The cause of tennis elbow is continued contraction of the forearm muscles that you use to straighten your hand and wrist. The continued motions and pressure to the tissue can lead to a number of tiny tears in the tendons which attaches the forearm muscles to the bony prominence at the outside of your elbow.

As the term suggests playing tennis especially the frequent use of the backhand stroke with poor technique is considered as one of the possible cause of tennis elbow. However, a number of other common arm motions can also cause tennis elbow         including:

  • Cutting up cooking ingredients, particularly meat
  • Painting
  • Using plumbing tools
  • Repetitive computer mouse use
  • Driving screws

What could be the Approximate Cost of the Treatment? 

The cost of the physiotherapy for knee pain is dependent upon your problem, the treatment method and number and types of procedures prescribed.

What should you do if you get injured playing tennis? 

  • Rest – Take a breakand only move within your limit of ache.
  • Ice – Immediately, as well asfor twenty minutes every two hours, use ice or a frozen gel pack covered in a moist This will assist to manage bleeding and ache and decreases supplementary tissue harm.
  • Compression – Intenselybandage the injury. This will assist to deal with inflammation.
  • Elevation – A good deal, elevate your injury higher than the amount ofyour heart to decrease inflammation.
  • Referral – make an appointment with a physiotherapist for analysis, recommendationand on-going

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