Physiotherapy for Knee Pain

Physiotherapy for Knee Pain 

If you play sport to have fun or professionally, knee injuries can put you out of action.  Physiotherapists give specialist recommendation and treatment methods to accelerate healing and enable you to get energetic again following the knee problem or surgical treatment.


The following are the types of knee injuries that you are prone to in case you play sports professionally:

  1. Patello-Femoral (Knee-Cap) Pain
  2. Cartilage (Meniscal) Tears
  3. Ligament Sprain (or tear)
  4. Patella Tendinopathy

Numerous problems may be effectively cured without surgical procedure with physiotherapy treatment and also supervised rehabilitation. If problem is serious, surgical treatment may be necessary. Physios work carefully with physicians, sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons to help healing and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy treatment is vital to help reduce the pain and disability related to the knee injuries.

Can Knee Injuries be prevented?

It is possible to decrease the choice and severity of knee injuries by:

  • Maintaining good general fitness and reducedbody power and versatility (particularly calf, quadriceps as well as hamstring).
  • Practising standing on one leg to developyour balance and leg muscle power.
  • Warming up and warming down before and after workouts.
  • Building up your workout programby slowly improving the consistency, duration and strength, but don’t work through pain.
  • Snow Skiers – get an experienced ski specialist to find out your binding settings (bindings must be set to weight and skill level).

What to do After a Sprain?

  • Ice –Put on an ice pack or a frozen gel pack wrapped in a moist towel quickly or for 20 minutes every two hours. This assists to manage flow of blood and pain and decreases secondary tissue problems.
  • Rest – Take it easy and only move within your limit of pain.
  • Elevation –Whenever possible, raise your injury as it helps to reduce the amount of blood flow to the injured area which will decrease inflammation, pain and swelling.

What could be the Approximate Cost of the Treatment? 

The approximate cost of the physiotherapy for knee pain depends on your condition, the treatment protocol and number and types of techniques prescribed.

How Physiotherapy Can Help?

Your Physiotherapist will look at your knee to figure out the type, extent and reason behind your knee problem, which enables you to refer you on to a sports physician or GP for scans or medication if required.

Initial treatment method minimizes any pain or inflammation.

  • Massage and Mobilisation methods toenhance the movement of your knee joint
  • Exercises to increasethe power of the knee and other reduced limb muscles that may be contributing to your issue
  • Taping to helpthe stability of the knee joint or enhance the work of the muscles that assist the knee
  • Dry Needling to assist minimizepain and muscle tightness around the knee joint

Next step is to have your knee injury assessed by a Physiotherapist. To BOOK ONLINE appointment with Dr. Prabhat Gupta, contact Care Plus Physiotherapy Clinic at , or call us on 0124 – 4227006 or 09810922362.