Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Is Your Back Hurting? 

Back Pain can be extremelydebilitating, and the earlier you get professional guidance, the earlier you will be pain free. A physiotherapy back pain therapy is usually suggested. Physiotherapists have the exercise to properly detect the condition and give safe, highly effective therapy. For quick recovery you should visit professionals in the field, so that you will not make your problem worse.

Back Pain Symptoms

Often people experience discomfort or pain located between the lower ribs and butt with or without the addition of leg pain.

What’s causing my back pain? 

Arthritis – The joints of the spine, known as the Vertebral or Facet joints can be impacted by arthritis, leading to degeneration as well as swelling within the joint and the growth of bony spurs on the edges of the bones.

Disc Problems – Despite what you generally hear, Lower Back Discs are anchored to the vertebrae, above and below, so they cannot ‘slip’ out of place. They can wear down with age, but most disc issues occur from serious problem.

Ligament Sprains – Tiny ligaments help all the bones and disc structures in your lower back. Motor vehicle and sporting accidents are well-known reasons behind ligament sprains in the lower back.

Muscle Weakness – Studies have shown that weakness of the strong ab muscles can lead to improved stress on the lower back..

Muscle Strains – Minor back muscle strains immediately improve on their own, but more severe strains that don’t settle instantly will require physiotherapy therapy to minimize pain and promote curing.

Postural Stress – Poor postures at work or at home or throughout sport put your spine under stress. Ligaments are over-stretched, muscles tire and joints and nerves are put under pressure – leading to pain in your back.

Sciatica – The sciatic nerves runs from the lower back, through the buttocks as well as down the back of your legs.

How Your Back Works – Your back is a complex system of interlocking components: 

  • Discs splitthe vertebrae and work as shock absorbers.
  • Muscles are connected tothe bones. They manage and generate
  • Facet joints between the vertebrae guide spinal movement.
  • Vertebrae are the bones which makeup the spinal column.
  • Ligaments keepthe vertebrae together.

What could be the Approximate Cost of the Treatment? 

The cost of the physiotherapy for back pain is dependent upon your problem, the treatment method and number and types of procedures prescribed.

My back hurts! What do I do right now?

If you have just injured your lower back, after that the very first thing to do is relax, and rest up. Look for the most comfortable posture to allow any acute muscle spasm relax. Sometimes the use of heat or ice will help decrease this muscle spasm, together with gentle stretches and simple analgesics just like paracetemol.

Your next step is to have your lower back assessed by a Physiotherapist. You can book online now:, or call us on 0124 – 4227006 or 09810922362 to book an appointment.