Care Plus Physiotherapy Clinic: Best Physiotherapist in Gurgaon

80% of Indians in their adult age suffer from different orthopedic conditions. Back, Neck and Knee discomfort are one of the most concerning conditions that Indians suffer once in their life span.

With over 8 successful years of experience, Care Plus Physiotherapy is a specialized Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Clinic in Gurgaon. We work within a multi-disciplinary team setting that includes nurses, a general practitioner, professional therapists, a physiotherapy technician and health care assistants. We have earned a reputation of providing superior care by highly trained and experienced manual therapists.

Dr. Prabhat Gupta, Senior Consultant, Physiotherapy, Osteopractor and Acupuncture Dry Needling; renders a patient centered atmosphere which creates a warm and healing environment for them.

We continually analyze and revise personalized programs in order to better assist our patients to achieve their goals. We are personally available to our patients 24/7 to help them through their treatment program, including communication with their doctors and any other treatment providers.

Our Multidisciplinary treatment includes

Physiotherapy for Back painPhysiotherapy for Tennis Elbow
Physiotherapy for Neck PainPhysiotherapy for Cerebral Palsy
Physiotherapy for Shoulder PainPhysiotherapy for Rotator Cuff Injury
Physiotherapy for Knee PainPhysiotherapy for Plantar Fasciitis
Physiotherapy for Hip PainPhysiotherapy for Stress Fractures
Physiotherapy for Sciatica Pain

How we proceed with our expert services?

Complete Diagnosis – Identifying the root cause

Pain Management- Reducing the pain through proper physiotherapy

Restoration- Helping the patient to prevent recurrence of the pain and improve mobility

Why chose us?

  • We perform complete objective and subjective assessments
  • We help you to identify and create problem list
  • We would formulate a complete treatment plan for you
  • We help you to evaluate patient's progress in treatment in line with National and Trust clinical plan and protocols
  • We would maintain comprehensive, accurate and timely patient notes and records in accordance with department policy and ensuring safekeeping and confidentiality of records

Appointment for Physiotherapy